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Juvenile Criminal Defense in Atlanta

By Law Office of Matthew T. McNally  Jun. 21, 2010 10:41a

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

Juvenile Criminal Defense in Atlanta

While criminal charges are daunting enough, when they are a juvenile criminal charge they become even more of a delicate situation to handle. A criminal record can haunt a minor for the rest of their life. One moment with a regrettable decision, one mistake and one conviction can make it difficult for them whether they are facing choices in housing, employment, finance or continuing their education. When a crime is committed by a youth, there is often the chance that the severity of the crime is no less than when committed by a legal adult, however, many judges will attempt to find a solution that does not require prison time.

When convicted, a juvenile will most of the time be faced with treatment and rehabilitation, whether it be counseling, behavioral treatment or community service. By providing the youth with such programs and treatments, the hope is that they will learn from their mistakes so that they can grow into fully functioning and capable adults. Mistakes are easy to make when immature and confused, but behavioral problems are by no means irreversible. Though less severe than adult criminal charges, there is still the chance that a minor can face prison time if convicted.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, you can be confident that your loved one is getting the dedication and perseverance that they deserve. When their entire future hangs in the balance, it is imperative that a strong criminal defense attorney is contacted as soon as possible so that a defense can begin to be built. By sitting down to review the case, we can start to build a unique and tailor-made solution for your child. Every juvenile charge is going to be different and it's vastly important that you are not given a simple, cookie cutter defense. Your child needs a defense that will best address each issue that arises in his case to give him the best advantage possible. Whether looking to request an alternative sentence or dismiss the case entirely, you can be confident that every step possible to work towards the desired result will be taken. No matter if they are facing a traffic offense, drug possession or shoplifting, you can trust that your child's future will be in completely trustworthy and capable hands.

If faced with juvenile criminal charges, contact an Atlanta criminal defense attorney today.

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