Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey Articles Officer Arrested for Federal Internet Offense

Officer Arrested for Federal Internet Offense

By Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey  Sep. 9, 2013 3:32p

A Richmond police officer is facing serious federal charges for using a police chief's name as the name of a website which linked to pornography sites. Officer S.G., 41 years old, is accused of using the name of the chief to establish two different domain names which would then take web surfers to websites with pornographic material that had nothing to do with the police chief. The chief received an anonymous tip concerning the use of his name and reported the incident to federal investigators. A postal inspector looked into the incident and discovered that S.G. had paid for the domain names nearly a year ago. After several months of investigation, S.G. was taken into custody for "using misleading domain names on the Internet", a federal offense. The officer, who has been with the Richmond police department for about seven years, is facing the possibility of substantial fines and/or up to two years behind bars in a federal penitentiary if he is convicted of the charges against him. Have you been charged with a crime? A highly skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Rhode Island?

You may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony depended on the severity of the offense you are accused of committing. Misdemeanors can carry penalties of up to a year in jail as well as expensive fines, community service and probation if you are convicted. Felony charges are brought against individuals accused of committing more serious crimes such as a violent offense, DUI causing injury, robbery, theft of higher valued items, drug dealing, etc. Punishment for a felony conviction can mean several years to life behind bars and thousands in fines, fees and restitution. Do not face criminal charges on your own!

Get the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer now!

Contact a dedicated and results driven defender with the Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey today if you have been charged with a crime. Attorney Robert Humphrey has over 20 years experience and has also worked as a prosecutor and bail commissioner. He knows the criminal system inside and out and has obtained highly positive outcomes in even the most serious or complicated of cases. He may be able to help you avoid incarceration and expensive fines. There is no charge for the initial consultation on your case.

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