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How can a person get accused of slashing someone tires when they watch you outside their window?

I went to a friend house to discuss a matter. I thought they wasnt at home but find out they were. I went by there three times and finally seen them ...
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I got an infraction for being loud and unruly in public, should I contest the citation?

I walked into a party, and cops came and kicked everyone out. As I walked out with many other people, one of the cops asked me a question, and I ...
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Can a Judge send our 16 yr old son who is incarcerated, to his grandparents without the mothers consent?

Our 16 yr old son was arrested for stealing an air conditioner and then threatening a relative of the owner with a knife when confronted, (alleged). ...
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Will I get a bond if I turn myself in for a bench warrant that is 3 years old?

I was arrested for a fta warrant and served 4 days in jail plus paid a 7000 dollar bond for a misdemeanor offense. I was then notified the next day ...
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What is the penalty for a driver driving without a license and pulled over for speeding?

the juvenile driver does not have a license and he was pulled over for speeding over 20mph (traffic violation). if they go through his records this is ...
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Should I hire an attorney, border agents have been investagating me since 2010?

Border patrol held me in may 2010 tower had seen 3 ppl run from my vehicel but was not able to locate them so they released me but siezed my durango ...
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Can a felon on probation be sent back to jail for sexual harrassemrnt?

My ex boss was constantly making sexual jokes in from of myself and patients, male and female alike. I warned him several time and so did his ...
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Whats the difference between parole and probation?

I am facing possible parole or probation for a crime, which one is worse?
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How can I get to work if my license is suspended because of DUI?

My license has been suspended for 6 months because of DUI and I really need to be able to get to my work, which is 30 miles out of the city. Is there ...
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Do I need to get a lawyer in the same county as the arrest?

Arrested at Jenny Springs(3 1/2 hrs from my home) in Daytona Beach. Open container, drug possession charges went to: Gilchrist county (Trenton, FL)
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My husband threw a rock through a glass door,his friend went through and stole merchandise. What is my husbands charge?

Just curious what my husband should be charged with for throwing the rock that broke the glass someone else went through to steal merchandise. My ...
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my son was arrested for armrobbery and carjacking whats the jail time for these offenses?

My son carjacked a young lady in jackson ms with a gun. when arrested the gun was not found
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What can be done if you are being charged for vandalism but your not the person who did it an you know the people who did?

My old friends of mines came into my boyfriends house an wrote rated on his wall in other words a gang in canton,ohio an trashed everything in his ...
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Can I get in trouble for taking a photocopier from work?

There was an old photocopier and laptop laying around the office after they were replaced with new ones. I took them home since I figured that no one ...
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What can I be charged with if I was drunk and punched a cop at a bar?

I am being charged with public intoxication and assault on a peace officer. What should I do? Should I talk to the cops and be cooperative or wait?
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First time theft offense. What's your punishment?

a pair of earrings were stolen..worth $35.00
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