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Author Lends Support to Investigating Wrongful Convictions

By Virginia L. Landry  Jul. 25, 2011 9:53a

Recently, a best-selling author and skilled attorney has lent his support to a commission in North Carolina that evaluates prisoners who claim they are innocent of the crimes they were convicted for. The author is known for his courtroom thrillers and is offering his skills and support to the Innocence Commission (a national organization) whose goal is to have convictions re-examined where doubt exists.

Research for Book Uncovers Widespread Problem

He has been involved in the innocence movement since he began doing research and writing one of his nonfiction books. The book was written about a man in Oklahoma who was wrongly sentenced to death row. Even though the author was a former public defender, he stated that he wasn't aware of how widespread the problem of wrongful convictions was until he had begun his research on the subject.

He stated that most Americans don't believe that there are a lot of innocent people in prison, but he claims this to be a fact. In numerous cases it was discovered after investigation that information on laboratory tests was sometimes incomplete, erroneous or falsified, resulting in executions or incarceration that may have been unwarranted. There exists the possibility that innocent people may have been executed.

Orange County Criminal Attorney - Protecting the Unlawfully Imprisoned

If you or someone you care about has been a victim of unlawful imprisonment, you need to consult with an Orange County criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. You will need a competent and aggressive attorney who has experience in unlawful imprisonment, someone who can work closely with you to obtain justice.

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Virginia L. Landry, our lead attorney is well seasoned in representing criminal defense clients. She has a vast knowledge of the laws in this area and utilizes top resources to help her win her cases. Being wrongfully imprisoned can impact you for years to come and the situation requires immediate and aggressive intervention to protect your freedoms. So don't wait - call the firm today

Contact an Orange County unlawful imprisonment attorney in our office for a free initial consultation and we will carefully review the details of your case.

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