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Sex Crimes Defense

By Law Offices of Thomas Brant  Jan. 26, 2011 5:45p

Being accused of a sex crime is one of the most humiliating charges anyone can face. When you are charged with a sex crime, your reputation and your future are at stake. You will not only have to confront questions and accusations from your friends and family, if you are convicted, you will have major trust issues with all people you come into contact with.

Certain sex crimes involve mandatory sex offender registration, which will haunt you, wherever you go. Not only will your criminal record and your personal information be made public, for all to see, where you live and where you move about will be policed by law enforcement. This could mean that you will be required to stay a certain distance from local parks or schools. If you have been accused of a sex crime, you want to secure a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer right away.

The term "sex crimes" is an umbrella term encompassing all sorts of illicit sexual behavior. It includes indecent exposure, streaking, urinating in public, sexual assault, rape, molestation, internet sex crimes, pimping, prostitution, statutory rape, possession of child pornography and more. If you are convicted, you are facing incarceration, fines, probation or parole and a permanent mark on your criminal record. A criminal record will impact your ability to gain employment, housing, and educational loans, therefore the "stigma" of being a sex offender can ruin your livelihood. Not only will your livelihood be affected, so will your personal life. If you have children, you may lose custody and visitation, if you are single, people may not want to date you when they find out that you are a convicted sex offender.

Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Boston

Just because you have been accused of a sex crime, does not mean you are guilty. Innocent people are frequently accused of sex crimes, especially out of jealousy, spite or in a messy divorce or child custody battle. Regardless of your position in the accusations against you, you deserve a strong defense from a Boston sex crime lawyer who is invested in protecting your rights.

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