Thomas A. Brant Articles Sexual Misconduct Allegations End Careers

Sexual Misconduct Allegations End Careers

By Thomas A. Brant  Aug. 1, 2011 2:55p

We've all seen how allegations of sexual misconduct wind up in the headlines of newspapers, ruining reputations and lives and ending careers. Whether guilty or innocent, the mere mention of any type of sexual misconduct can compromise your personal and social relationships, jeopardize your job or career and cast damaging doubts on your reputation.

All of these negative consequences can occur before you have even been formally arrested, charged or given the opportunity to defend yourself. When it comes to criminal allegations of a sexual nature, which can often be fabricated, exaggerated, or made out of revenge, jealousy, anger, or other antagonistic emotions, your life and future may be irreparably damaged forever.

Getting the Legal Help You Need

Sex crime allegations require the serious attention of a competent criminal defense attorney. Besides the social damage you will endure, the penalties you face if convicted are severe. These include lengthy prison terms, hefty fines, probation, behavioral counseling, a permanent criminal record, and, in the most serious cases, mandatory registration as a sex offender for life. Sex offender registration, which is a public record, generally results in major impediments to finding housing, employment, and financial opportunities.

In the face of the personal ruin that can follow accusations of sexual offenses, it is imperative to fight back with a strong and aggressive defense. If you are subject to a criminal investigation for or have been charged with any type of sex offense in the Boston area, you can get the legal help you need from Boston criminal defense attorney Thomas A. Brant. He has been practicing criminal law for more than 20 years, has tried more than 500 cases in both state and federal courts and has represented clients in appeals in the Massachusetts Supreme Court. He understands the seriousness of sex crime allegations and how important your defense will be in determining your future.

Contact criminal defense lawyer Thomas A. Brant if you are facing criminal charges of any kind in the Boston area.

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