Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law Articles Cybercrime Lab Opened in Orange County

Cybercrime Lab Opened in Orange County

By Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law  Oct. 27, 2011 5:17p

Earlier this year a cybercrime lab was opened in the city of Orange which allows investigators to analyze evidence from computers, cameras, cellphones and other digital media. With only fifteen labs like this in the nation, this is the third one in California and cost $7 million dollars to build. According to FBI Director Robert Mueller, the lab is designed to help curb the growing use of computers and the internet to commit crimes. The labs help law enforcement officials analyze evidence and aid investigators in solving many different crimes ranging from fraud, public corruption, counterterrorism to gang related crime.

District Attorney Tony Rackauckas stated that the evidence which is processed by the lab will speed up the process of charging criminals and taking them to court for violations of the law. The sharing of resources he felt, will help protect the community and save lives. The lab includes about twenty-five workstations where evidence gets analyzed through the use of special forensic software that places data found on computers and other digital media into categories. The laboratory also has investigative kiosks to extract information from cellphones which can include texts, pictures as well as ingoing and outgoing messages. Computers that are confiscated by officials in the Orange County area will more than likely go through the lab for hard drive analysis. Crimes involving the internet and computer fraud are considered white collar crimes.

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