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Man Arrested on Several Charges after Police Chase involving Fatal Crash

A 26-year-old man was recently arrested by Santa Ana authorities after a dangerous vehicle pursuit. Police conducted a traffic stop after identifying a vehicle as belonging to a man, A.A., with an ...

Trial Begins in Case involving Former Police Officers and Fatal Beating Incident

The trial in the case concerning two Fullerton ex-police officers started recently. The officers have been charged in connection to the death of a homeless man who they are accused of causing fatal ...

Encino Doctor Charged in Illegal Prescription Drugs

A doctor in Encino, California was arrested yesterday in connection with prescribing narcotic-type drugs to patients without a valid need for them. The doctor in the case runs a medical clinic for ...

Huge Drug Bust in Orange County, California

Fountain Valley Police Department investigators obtained search warrants for two residences last week which led to a seizure of illegal drugs. The residences were in Huntington Beach and Fountain ...

California Pit Bull Owner Charged with Murder

A California man has been charged with murder after DNA tests run on his dogs revealed that they were responsible for the mauling and death of a 63 year-old female jogger on May 9.

California Bill against Revenge Porn Proposed

“Revenge porn” occurs when someone posts nude or sexually explicit images of a person online without their permission. This type of behavior can occur after a relationship breakup or after incidents ...

Santa Ana Woman Injured in DUI Crash

A 65 year-old Santa Ana woman was rear-ended and injured in a traffic crash on May 1, 2013. The driver, a retired professional surfer who is one of the founders of Gotcha surfwear, was arrested for ...

California Special Agents to Seize 40,000 Guns

California’s Governor recently authorized $24 million to be used to confiscate guns currently owned by about 20,000 people in the state who have been disqualified for weapon ownership.

Man Accused of Forced Entry & Making Hostage Cook Meal for Him

A Santa Ana man was recently taken into custody after a drug sting but will likely face additional charges as witnesses come forward.

Accused Pimp Receives Prison Sentence

A man charged with pandering in Anaheim has received his sentence recently after being found guilty by a jury for the charges against him.

Cybercrime Lab Opened in Orange County

Earlier this year a cyber crime lab was opened in the city of Orange which allows investigators to analyze evidence from computers, cameras, cellphones and other digital media. With only fifteen labs ...

Teenage Driver Caused Hit and Run by Texting

In this tragic accident, the teen that was driving admitted that his texting while driving caused the hit and run accident. Last year, a thirty-seven-year-old father of three who was also taking care ...

Defense for Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a serious matter that can affect the lives of many and echo for generations to come. Domestic violence involves violence in the home, among family members or people in an intimate ...

Sex Crimes Lead to Serious Consequences

If you are presently under investigation for a sex crime, or if you have already been charged, you are facing serious consequences. Sex crimes involve non-consensual sexual contact or sexual activity.

Hung Jury In Murder Conspiracy Case

A jury could not come to a unanimous decision on any of the charges facing a young man in Orange County, reports the OC Register.

Suspect Breaks Into Home And Exposes Himself

The defendant entered a not guilty plea last April at his arraignment, the Orange County Register reports.

Stalking is a Crime

Stalking is a term that refers to unwanted, obsessive attention directed towards an individual.

Explaining Hit and Run in California

Hit and run in California refers to when a driver of an automobile is involved in an accident and “flees” the scene without exchanging the necessary information.

Domestic Violence Today

Domestic violence occurs when a partner, family member or co-habitant inflicts bodily or psychological harm on another person.

Carjacking in California

Carjacking is the taking of somebody’s vehicle out of his or her possession, through force or fear.
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