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By definition, assault is the threat of physical violence towards an individual, while battery is the actual carrying out of the threats. In many states, authorities have ceased to differentiate between the two charges and they have come to mean the same thing. Simple assault refers to physically striking another person. Aggravated assault occurs when serious bodily injury is threatened or takes place. If a deadly weapon is used during the assault, it will also be charged as aggravated assault. Assault and battery could refer to an attack on a victim, but it can also refer to a fight between two individuals where one person is not more to blame than the other.

Threatening someone with physical violence is a crime that, if convicted, could bring harsh penalties. As these penalties differ from state to state, it is important to speak with a legal professional so they can review your case. Since simple assault could lead to six months in jail, an accusation should not be taken lightly. If you have been convicted of aggravated assault or assault against a law enforcement officer, your penalties will be even more severe. Even if you know that you are not guilty, you still need an assault and battery attorney to stand up for your rights and see that you receive justice. Many people are falsely accused of assault and battery and others are treated unfairly by the justice system.

There are times when people are accused of battery when they were merely acting in self-defense. The constitution allows reasonable force to be used when attempting to protect yourself. You are also allowed to act in defense of others. If you felt as though someone was threatening a member of your household, you are permitted to use force in order to ensure their safety. Not only that, but if someone is attempting to steal, damage, or trespass on your property, you have the right to use reasonable force. A criminal defense attorney would be able to examine your case in order to prove that you were acting within your rights.