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Computer crime is a large category of cybercrimes that can range from theft to child pornography. A computer or the internet may have been used to commit the crime, or they could be the target of the crime. Computer crime can also include: accessing a computer, network, or system without proper authorization, taking or changing programs or data, spreading viruses, piracy, and online fraud.

Due to the dramatic rise in computer crimes over recent years, the federal government is fighting back with a cybercrime division in the Department of Justice as well as in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These agencies have far more resources and manpower than local and state police. They are intent on prosecuting the accused to the fullest extent of the law, sometimes wanting to make the case an example.

The different types of computer and internet fraud are: inputting incorrect data into a computer system, changing or stealing data, bank fraud, loan fraud, extortion, or identity theft. Cyber bulling or harassment is also illegal. This usually takes place on social networking site or chat rooms. Cyber stalking and online predators also use the internet in order to find and pursue victims. Online sex crimes will be treated the same way as a sex crime in that you could have to register as a sex offender. Some of these acts could have been innocent mistakes and a computer crime attorney will do their utmost to get your charges reduced or dropped.

As the types of crimes that can be committed vary, so do the penalties that can arise. By meeting with a computer crime attorney, a legal professional could examine your case and all the evidence against you. Many people are falsely accused of cybercrimes or are treated too harshly by the justice department. As this can be charged as a federal crime, it is crucial that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Do not risk your future and freedom by neglecting to get the help you need.