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Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

Violent crimes, or crimes of violence, refer to any crime that involves physical violence or the threat of physical violence towards a victim. Violent crimes are taken very seriously by the justice system and are being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Some of the major types of violent crimes are robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, domestic violence, and assault and battery. Robbery is theft by the use of violence or physical force. Some types of robbery fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Bank robbery or robbery that crosses state lines are examples of federal robbery offenses.

Kidnapping is defined as taking an individual by force or against their will and confining them to a controlled area. This is a violent crime because some manner of force is necessary to remove a person and hold them against their will. Murder is a form of homicide that is premeditated or reckless. Both first-degree murder and second degree murder are violent crimes, whether the defendant intended to kill the victim or not. Third-degree murder, also known as manslaughter, does not involve premeditated malice or criminal intent. It is sometimes referred to as a crime of passion because it includes crimes committed in heated emotional situations.

Rape is any unlawful sexual activity or sexual intercourse carried out by force. This could refer to actual violence or the threat of violence. It is sometimes called first-degree sexual assault and carries very harsh penalties. Domestic violence is any physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse towards a member of one's household or towards a dating partner. Extreme instances of domestic violence could be murder or rape, but even lesser instances of this abuse are classified as violent crimes.

Assault and battery can refer to physical violence towards a victim, or the threat of violence. It can range from striking an individual to aggravated assault which would include a deadly weapon. As violence can be a part of almost any crime, almost any offense could be categorized as a violent crime. If you have been arrested for an alleged violent crime, contact an experienced violent crime defense attorney as soon as possible.