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If you have a prior conviction on your criminal record, you could face problems regarding finding a job or leasing a property. Many employers, landlords, and academic institutions inquire about an individual's arrest record. If you have made a mistake in the past, you do not have to let it negatively affect your future.

Expungement is the legal process whereby a person's criminal record is sealed to the public and this is available to people in every state. With the help of an expungement attorney, you could be able to answer "No" to questions regarding previous convictions. There are various different factors that determine one's eligibility for expungement. These include the amount of time passed since the arrest of conviction, the severity of the crime, and the severity of other crimes on their record. As the details regarding which crimes are eligible for expungement and whether you can avail of the opportunity, talk to a criminal defense lawyer.

The expungement process involves filling out an application or petition and then submitting the paperwork to a judge for review. This process usually involves a fee and can be very complicated. As there is no guarantee that the expungement will be granted, it is highly recommended that you seek the counsel of an attorney. With an experienced advocate on your side, you could have a better chance of having your record cleared.

A Certificate of Actual Innocence is more than just an expungement; it is a statement that you were never guilty of the crime. It your charges were dropped after your arrest or it was proven that you did not commit the crime, this could be an option for you. Another beneficial form of expungement relates to juvenile offenses. If you made a mistake when you were young, you could request to have your record sealed. Since you were a minor at the time, there is a great likelihood that you will be granted an expungement.

Many people are unaware of the option of sealing their record. If you have any criminal charges or convictions on your record, talk to an expungement attorney to see how they could help you start over.