De Castroverde Law Group Articles 32 Biker Gang Suspects Arrested

32 Biker Gang Suspects Arrested

By De Castroverde Law Group  Jul. 8, 2013 11:21a

An investigation into a Las Vegas motorcycle club resulted in charges being brought against 32 members. The club has members in Las Vegas, California, Arizona, Texas, New York and even Hawaii. LV authorities had long suspected that the club engaged in illegal gang activities and the investigation into alleged criminal acts began in 2009. Local and federal authorities acted on what they described as an "unexpected opportunity" to place undercover officers in the gang; the investigation was subsequently named "Operation Pure Luck". 21 bike club members were arrested in Las Vegas and another 11 were taken into custody in other locations after the investigation revealed alleged drug crimes, weapons offenses and violent crimes.

The bust resulted in the reported seizure of over $8,000 cash, vehicles, 43 firearms, over seven pounds of methamphetamine, over 160 grams of cocaine and 2,000 prescription narcotics such as hydrocodone. Charges included serious misdemeanors and felonies including battery, aggravated battery, distribution of Schedule II controlled substances, distribution of Schedule III controlled substances, conspiracy to distribute (hydrocodone, cocaine, methamphetamine), distribution of methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of an elementary school, vehicle theft, insurance fraud, false imprisonment, extortion, money laundering, witness intimidation and murder. Most of the individuals arrested belonged to the "Vagos" gang but members from other gangs were taken into custody as well.

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