De Castroverde Law Group Articles Las Vegas Man Receives Harsh Sentence for Pimping Conviction

Las Vegas Man Receives Harsh Sentence for Pimping Conviction

By De Castroverde Law Group  Nov. 26, 2012 10:56a

35-year-old O.F. was convicted on several felony charges connected to pandering and other suspected offenses. He was recently sentenced by a Clark County District Court judge. O.F. was arrested in September of last year after an incident where he allegedly held a woman against her will who was working for him as a prostitute. Prosecutors on the case said that he used threats and physical force to get young women to work for him as prostitutes. In the particular incident in September, O.F. was accused of dragging a woman away that had tried to escape from him at a location in a Las Vegas neighborhood. He was subsequently arrested and charged with living off the earnings of a prostitute, pandering, assault, battery and kidnapping. The man was convicted of the charges but stated he plans to appeal. The judge handed down a severe sentence which included a 15-years-to-life prison sentence. O.F. said that the prosecutors were "malicious and overaggressive" in pursuing a conviction. The judge replied that the defendant had no one to blame but himself and his own arrogance. Don't face serious felony charges on your own—talk to a skilled criminal defense lawyer today to make sure your rights and freedom are protected.

Pandering, Prostitution and Solicitation Charges

The acts of prostitution, seeking the services of a prostitute, seeking clients for a prostitute or receiving earnings off of prostitution in any way are illegal in Nevada and the charges for this offense can have very serious consequences. A conviction can mean felony penalties of extensive imprisonment, steep fines and possible mandatory registration as a sex offender. These charges could have severe repercussions on your personal and professional reputation so it is crucial that you have a tough defense lawyer on your side right away.

Arrested for a sex crime in Las Vegas?

The common nickname of "Sin City" in no way refers to anything close to a lax attitude by Las Vegas law enforcement or the city's criminal justice system. In fact, the opposite is more the case; police and prosecutors work aggressively to put suspected criminals behind bars and obtain the harshest sentencing possible. That is why you should contact our tenacious and highly competent legal team at De Castroverde Law Group today if you have been arrested for a sex crime or other criminal offense. We may be able to get the charges you are facing reduced or dismissed altogether. Scheduling a free initial consultation is your first step.

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