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Medical Marijuana Laws in Nevada

By De Castroverde Law Group  Jul. 13, 2012 10:04a

The state of Nevada legalized marijuana for ill patients under the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program (NMMP) in 2001. Under this law, those who qualify may apply for a card which allows them to use marijuana for medical purposes. The law applies only to residents of Nevada; those entering the state from other states, such as California, who have similar legal privileges, are not covered by the Nevada law. Nevada medical marijuana cards issued to Nevada residents are not valid in other states. The medical marijuana program in Nevada is administered by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. The cost to register for a medical marijuana card is $150 plus additional nominal fees for fingerprinting and having the card made. Cards are valid for one year, after which they must be renewed. The law is rather general about medical marijuana use; the Health and Human Services Department recommends on their website that those who wish to use medical marijuana under the law obtain legal counsel concerning their rights and application.

To qualify for medical marijuana use, one must have a debilitating health condition and be recommended by a physician. Typical medical conditions which may make one eligible for the medical use of marijuana are cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, seizures, glaucoma, and conditions which cause severe pain or nausea. Under the law, users are allowed to possess one ounce of usable marijuana, three mature plants, and four immature plants. The Health and Human Services does not provide any information or assistance with obtaining seeds, growing plants, or other aspects of the law.

Prosecution of Marijuana Possession

As long as you follow the rules for medical marijuana possession under the NMMP, you are protected from state or federal criminal charges. Those who fail to do so, however, may be subject to seizure of their plants and criminal charges. Furthermore, you must not operate a motor vehicle, boat, or airplane while under the influence of marijuana.

Those who have legal questions, concerns, or are facing any type of criminal charges related to marijuana or medical marijuana should consult with a qualified attorney. In Las Vegas, you can discuss your case with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at De Castroverde Law Group, which focuses its practice on defending clients in criminal cases throughout Clark County.

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