De Castroverde Law Group Articles Metro PD Officer Charged with Sexual Assault

Metro PD Officer Charged with Sexual Assault

By De Castroverde Law Group  Aug. 21, 2013 11:24a

Numerous sexual assault-related charges have been brought against a Las Vegas police officer who has been on the force for about five years. The 28-year-old officer, S.C., was charged and suspended from duty after an investigation was conducted by both internal and criminal authorities. The investigation began in June after a woman filed a complaint about his behavior when he was one of the officers responding to a domestic violence call. S.C. is accused of sexual misconduct involving at least five other woman as well. The June incident began when S.C. and several other officers arrived at a home where a woman called 911 after being attacked by her boyfriend. The boyfriend was arrested and a female officer took pictures of bruises on the woman's body.

The other officers left the scene but S.C. reportedly stayed behind, alone, at the scene for over half an hour. The woman said that he told her he needed to take pictures of bruises on her buttocks. She told him she didn't have any bruises there but he insisted on checking at which point he pulled down her shorts and underwear. The woman said she felt "uncomfortable and unsafe and felt obligated to do what he asked". She eventually voiced her discomfort with what S.C. was asking her to do at which point he allegedly grabbed his groin and made sexual remarks. She stated that the officer later exposed himself. He left the woman's house but said he would come back after his shift ended. He returned to the woman's home but she refused to open the door. Other complaints involve similar incidents where victims complained that S.C. tried to start a sexual relationship with them while he was on duty or otherwise in uniform. Have you been accused of a serious crime such as sexual assault? Get the help of a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Investigators say they found instances of misconduct by S.C. going back at least a year. He has been placed on house arrest and ordered to appear in court on charges of gross misdemeanor taking pictures of a person's private area, gross misdemeanor lewdness and oppression under color of law, a felony.

Criminal Defense Attorney for Sex Offense Charges in Las Vegas

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