De Castroverde Law Group Articles FBI Stops Theft Ring in Las Vegas

FBI Stops Theft Ring in Las Vegas

By De Castroverde Law Group  Apr. 19, 2013 6:00p

A major theft ring was busted by the FBI recently when an informant who was part of the group alerted federal agents to a planned armed robbery. Two men were arrested by the FBI in connection with the planned robbery as well as several other robberies in the area in the last year. The defendants making up the theft ring used surveillance on warehouses containing merchandise and pharmaceuticals which they identified by following delivery trucks.

The ring was connected with a warehouse theft of half a million dollars worth of Coach merchandise, including purses, in the southeast area of Las Vegas last October. They followed a delivery van to the warehouse and later cut holes in its doors using torches so they could enter, steal the goods, and carry them away in waiting vehicles. The men were also tied to two different delivery van thefts where approximately $20,000 worth of drugs were stolen in each incident from vans parked outside Las Vegas pharmacies.

In the planned robbery for which they were arrested, the men told the informant they would kidnap a delivery van driver at gunpoint, steal his merchandise, and leave the tied-up driver somewhere in the area to be found.

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