De Castroverde Law Group Articles Authorities Under Fire In Controversial Vegas DUI Case

Authorities Under Fire In Controversial Vegas DUI Case

By De Castroverde Law Group  Oct. 17, 2011 9:31a

Investigation Implicates Local Las Vegas Police Department

After months of trial, an eighteen-year old youth has been sentenced to a minimum of six years in prison for the slaying of a young woman last year while driving under the influence.

The tragic collision occurred late one night after the boy had allegedly attended a party with his girlfriend. Alcohol was being served to the many teenagers in attendance at the event, and he confessed to police that he had drunk as many as four shots of Jack Daniels before getting behind the wheel with his sixteen-year old companion, who had also been drinking. The boy's blood alcohol level was tested at .18 percent, more than double the legal limit for an adult.

Outrage grew when it came to light that members of the Clark County School District Police Department may have been involved with the party, even drinking with several of the underage teens, including the defendant.

Anonymous Letter Corroborates Sources Within School To Accuse Police

According to a tip provided by a source that chooses to remain anonymous, the attorney for the victim's parents believes that the party took place at the home of a dispatcher for the local police. The letter claims that flyers advertising the party, listing events such as beer pong, were posted inside the department. It further alleges that the defendant drank shots with a police officer and was visibly intoxicated when he left, as was his young girlfriend, the daughter of one of the dispatchers.

Even more serious are the charges of a police cover-up after the crash. The letter says that all copies of the flyer were destroyed and that police officials intimidated employees into silence. When asked by investigators after the incident, no one at the department could remember whether any alcohol had been served at their party or if the defendant had been in attendance.

Find A Las Vegas DUI Defense Attorney

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