De Castroverde Law Group Articles Casino Marker Debt Defaults on the Rise

Casino Marker Debt Defaults on the Rise

By De Castroverde Law Group  Jun. 25, 2012 1:57p

Whether due to the recession and the high rate of unemployment or other factors, casino marker default cases have risen in areas such as Las Vegas and other casino cities. Those who default on their casino markers are often arrested and prosecuted by the local District Attorney's office for their bad debt. In Nevada, a gambler who defaults on his or her casino debt of $250 or more is charged with a Class D felony. Being convicted of a felony can lead to serious life repercussions, as those who are convicted will then have a permanent criminal record which can be accessed on a routine background check by anyone.

Casino markers are lines of credit issued to gamblers by casinos. Almost anyone who wishes to gamble in a casino can obtain such a credit line. When issuing such markers, the casino isn't concerned with your ability to pay it back. But when it comes time to make good on your debt, if you don't follow through, you can expect to be subject to legal penalties. Generally, you will be given time to do so with ample notice. If you ignore this situation, however, your debt won't be sent to a collection agency but to the District Attorney's office for legal action.

Criminal Defense Law Group in Las Vegas

If you find yourself unable to pay your casino marker, getting skilled legal assistance can help you avert the worst consequences of default, which would be a criminal conviction which may involve fines, restitution, imprisonment, probation and also an accompanying civil legal action by the casino. By consulting with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at De Castroverde Law Group, you can be advised of your legal options and the best way to handle the situation. Having retained an attorney will let the casino and the District Attorney's office know that you are serious about taking effective action to remedy the situation.

The firm offers a free consultation to assess your situation and advise you on what needs to be done. Don't be caught short facing a criminal justice matter without the professional legal help of an experienced attorney who knows the local legal system and how to get the best outcome for your case. Contact the firm to speak to an attorney today.

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