De Castroverde Law Group Articles Have you Been Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Vegas?

Have you Been Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Vegas?

By De Castroverde Law Group   Nov. 3, 2010 11:50a

If you have been involved in any of the following actions, then you can be charged with disorderly conduct in Las Vegas or Clark County:

  • Disturbing or breaching the peace
  • Being involved in a fight
  • Challenging another to a fight
  • Annoying, harassing or interfering with someone so as to instigate a disturbance
  • Inciting a disturbance

The above can seem to be generalized and non-specific, and because of this, it is often a charge that law enforcement can use when they feel someone is causing unnecessary trouble. People get cited with disorderly conduct in a variety of places but most commonly in bars and casinos, and mainly on the Strip. An individual can be arrested for disorderly conduct but is more likely to receive a citation with a request to appear in court on a specific date.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is considered a misdemeanor offense in Nevada and you can be sentenced up to six months in jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines. If this happens to be your first offense, working with a Las Vegas disorderly conduct attorney increases your chances of avoiding jail and you may instead have to pay a fine and/or perform community service. It is unwise to ignore a disorderly conduct charge as you can then wind up with a mark on your record which can cause future problems financially, socially and in your career. At De Castroverde Law Group we are experienced criminal defense attorneys and can competently help you prepare a defensive strategy that will increase your chances to avoid being convicted. We are aggressive, caring and like treating our clients like family.

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