Pandering is the criminal offense of soliciting customers for a prostitute. Also called "pimping", pandering is a serious sex crime which may result in mandatory sex offender registration, depending upon the state. Recruiting prostitutes, attempting to procure or actually procuring customers for a prostitute, conducing the exchange of money or negotiation of money and even transporting a prostitute may all be actions involved in a pandering charge. It may also be associated with human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution or operating a prostitution business.

Pandering is illegal throughout the United States, except in certain counties in Nevada, where prostitution is legal and brothels may be operated under certain strict regulations.

While prostitution itself (the exchange of sexual activity for money) is most often a misdemeanor offense, pandering may be charged as a felony in some circumstances, therefore resulting in harsher penalties. The person accused of running a business of prostitution is likely to face far more severe charges than an alleged prostitute. The specific penalties and laws concerning the offense of pandering will vary from state to state, and thus it is important to consult an attorney in your area. With familiarity in the realm of pandering charges in your particular area, a local criminal defense lawyer can help you understand what you may be up against. This can help you make better decisions pertaining to your case.

Criminal Charges for Pandering (Soliciting Customers for a Prostitute)

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