DUI Defense in Las Vegas

By Law Office of Chip Siegel  Jan. 17, 2011 8:47p

Driving under the influence (DUI) is not only an extreme danger to both the intoxicated driver and the people around them, but it is also a very serious criminal offense that can result in harsh punishments including heavy fines and imprisonment. Whenever a law enforcement officer detains a driver for suspicious driving or because they caused an accident they are authorized to ask the driver to submit to tests that will help the officer determine if the driver is intoxicated. These tests are not fail-proof, and often yield inaccurate results due to outside influences such as improper care of the testing equipment, malfunctioning equipment, medical conditions that affect the results of the test, and even improperly administered tests. If you have been arrested for intoxicated driving there are many options available to you, which will be noticed by an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who will know the best route to take for fighting your charges.

In Nevada, DUI charges and penalties are based on past criminal history, any prior convictions for DUI, the involvement of injuries or deaths if there is an accident and also how intoxicated the driver actually is. In the event that a person is seriously injured or killed, or that extreme property damage is done, the driver in question can face felony criminal charges that could result in 10 years to life in prison upon conviction. These types of criminal charges are extremely serious, and can ruin a person's life forever.

DUI Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you have been charged for DUI you need immediate legal representation from a criminal defense attorney who understands the laws regarding DUIs, and has the experience necessary to build an effective case on your behalf. At the Law Office of Chip Siegel, Esq., we are dedicated to providing the best possible defense for our clients and will take on your case aggressively and tenaciously, challenging any suspect evidence or testimony against you in order to tear down the argument the prosecution may have against you the best we are able.

Contact a Las Vegas DUI Attorney at our firm today if you are facing DUI or DWI charges in Nevada!

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