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Facing Drug Crime Charges?

By Law Office of Chip Siegel  Jan. 17, 2011 8:41p

Drug crimes are taken extremely seriously in Las Vegas. Drug crimes can range from possession of a minor substance resulting in only light penalties to much more serious crimes including possession of Class I narcotics, intent to distribute, and many other severe crimes. Prosecutors tasked with building cases against those charged for committing drug crimes are tenacious and utterly ferocious in their pursuit of maximum penalties for even first time offenders. This means that even if you have only bee caught committing a minor drug crime, you could still face very harsh penalties including fines, license suspension, jail time, probation and even mandatory rehabilitation. If you have been charged or arrested for committing a drug crime, your financial and career future may be in jeopardy. By contacting a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, you will give your case a better chance at success.

There are many types of drug crimes that a person can be charged with, which vary in severity and in the harshness of the penalties. Most commonly, people are charged with possession of a drug and drug paraphernalia, which in some cases can be a minor charge. In significant quantities however, or when the drug is a narcotic such as cocaine, methamphetamine, PCP, LSD, ecstasy, or other dangerous narcotics, the person can face felony charges for possession, and even possibly face charges for intent to distribute if the amount found is more than what is generally considered to be for personal use.

Drug Charges Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you have been arrested or charged for committing a drug crime you could face serious criminal charges that will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. Even minor drug charges can escalate in certain situations to much more serious criminal charges. With the help of the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Chip Siegel, Esq., your case will be well defended and have a significantly improved chance of a successful outcome.

Contact a Las Vegas Drug Charges Attorney at our firm today to find out how we can help you with your drug crime case.

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