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Marijuana Cultivation is a Felony

By Law Office Chip Siegel  Sep. 6, 2011 3:54p

It may come as a surprise that anyone would attempt to cultivate marijuana, a felony offense, in Nevada's arid desert region, but a recent discovery of a multi-acre growing operation shows that there are those who will try. Despite the serious penalties associated with growing pot in Nevada, a 4-acre area in the mountainous region northwest of Las Vegas contained an estimated 4,000 plants. The site was discovered by U.S. Forest Service personnel conducting a routine aerial survey. The plants were spotted from the air due to their distinctive color setting them apart from the surrounding native trees and brush. The plants are being airlifted out of the area since the rugged terrain prevents swift removal by personnel on the ground. It is suspected that marijuana cultivation is being attempted in Nevada after DEA and California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement programs to shut down illegal farms in California have effectively stopped many growers there.

The ongoing investigation involves officials from the federal Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration. Since a drug cultivation or manufacture site of this magnitude is assumed to be for trafficking to other states for distribution, federal and state felony charges may be brought against the responsible party.

Penalties for Marijuana Growing in Las Vegas

Cultivation or sale of marijuana in Las Vegas has much harsher penalties than those for simple possession of a joint or small amount of pot for personal use. Cultivation, transportation, and sales of marijuana come under the "unauthorized acts" law. Growing less than 100 lbs of marijuana is a category B felony punishable by up to six years in prison and $20,000 in fines. The prison sentence is increased significantly for repeat offenses or if the unauthorized act occurred in the presence of a minor. Trafficking charges are brought against those found with over 100 lbs of the drug. Trafficking charges related to growing large quantities of pot (10,000 lbs or more) can result in penalties of life in prison and $200,000 in fines.

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If you have been charged with growing marijuana or other drug crimes, you may be facing federal and state prosecution. You need a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney well-versed in drug charges aggressively defending you. Attorney Chip Siegel has the skill, experience, and drive to get the results his clients are looking for. He understands that your freedom is on the line and doesn't back down for a second when defending his clients.

Contact a Las Vegas drug charges attorney immediately if you have been charged with a drug crime!

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