Martinian & Associates Inc. Articles IRS Employees Charged with Fraud

IRS Employees Charged with Fraud

By Martinian & Associates, Inc.  Apr. 24, 2013 3:20p

Fox News has reported that 24 current and former IRS workers have been charged with fraud in Tennessee by federal prosecutors. The individuals involved are accused of stealing government benefits to which they were not entitled. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Memphis reported that the accused took in an excess of $250,000 in government benefits. These benefits included unemployment insurance payments, food stamps, welfare benefits, and housing vouchers.

Apparently, 13 of the employees were charged because they lied about being unemployed as they applied for or recertified their applications to get government benefits. The other 11 have been charged by the state of Tennessee for theft of property exceeding $1,000.

Fraud in connection with government benefits, such as welfare and unemployment insurance payments, are white collar crimes which may be charged at the state or federal level, depending on the benefits in question. Such crimes are punishable by state or federal prison sentences, heavy fines, possible restitution, and more. Those facing such accusations will need an attorney capable of representing them in either state or federal courts against prosecutors determined to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Criminal Defense Firm in Los Angeles

Being investigated or formally charged for criminal activity will lead to one of the most difficult phases of your life. Your future and freedom may be at stake and your reputation and social standing ruined. A conviction can derail your career or job as well as your life for many years. Your right to an attorney should be exercised by finding a legal advocate with the experience, skills, and resources necessary to help you fight for your future.

Martinian & Associates, Inc. is a criminal defense firm with outstanding qualifications in Los Angeles. Leading attorney Tigran Martinian alone has more than 15 years of experience handling all types of criminal cases. His team of attorneys adds decades more to the mix, which means your case will have the benefit of extensive legal knowledge, skills, and insight. The legal team's experience extends to working at the California Deputy Attorney General's Office as well as in both state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. To find out how the firm can help you in any criminal matter, contact their offices. Get the skilled legal advice and guidance you need and learn what your options for defense entail.

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