The Martinez Law Firm Articles Internet Crimes, Cybercrimes, and Computer Crimes

Internet Crimes, Cybercrimes, and Computer Crimes

By The Martinez Law Firm  Jul. 9, 2010 10:30a

Internet Crimes

A few decades ago, very few people predicted that computer use and the Internet would become as ubiquitous as they are today. With personal computers, laptops, and smart phones, we are always connected. The Internet has provided a wealth of information and opportunity for people all over the world. It has also, however, opened up an entirely new way to commit crimes. Internet crimes, sometimes called cybercrimes or computer crimes, continue to increase in incidence as our use of computers increases. Many Internet crimes are violations of federal law because it is easy for state laws to become convoluted when so many Internet crimes can be committed across state and country borders.

Some of the internet crimes with which Houston criminal defense attorneys at The Martinez Law Firm have dealt are:

  • Identity theft
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Solicitation of a minor and/or child grooming
  • Hacking
  • Wire fraud
  • Harassment
  • Copyright infringement
  • Phishing scams

Many other crimes are facilitated by the Internet but are not Internet crimes in and of themselves. Examples of this include stalking, in which the person can keep track of another's whereabouts via social networking sites, or any crime that is planned using the Internet.

Have You Been Accused of an Internet Crime?

If you are being investigated for an Internet crime or if you have already been arrested, a Houston Internet crimes lawyer may be able to help. Laws regarding Internet crimes are not always clear, and it is not unusual for information to be obtained unlawfully. A skilled attorney can review the investigation and charges against you and determine whether or not law enforcement officials respected your rights. Unlawfully obtained evidence is a violation of your due process rights and that evidence cannot be used against you in court.

Contact a Houston Internet Crimes Attorney The Martinez Law Firm firm today! We have over a decade of experience and are intimately familiar with Texas and federal laws. We are committed to representing our clients fairly and aggressively defending their rights.

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