The Meranda Law Firm LTD Articles Ohio University Student Faces Sex Crime Charges

Ohio University Student Faces Sex Crime Charges

By The Meranda Law Firm LTD  Jan. 9, 2014 2:45p

A 19 year-old Ohio University student is currently facing four felony charges which include sexual battery and extortion. The student, D. G., allegedly masterminded a plot that involved sexual misconduct, blackmail, and the social media platform called Snapchat. He began by posing as a woman and flirting with another man which led to naked pictures being exchanged. D. G. then posted the naked pictures online in order to blackmail his victim into having sex with him. According to prosecutors on the case, D. G. played two roles in the scheme: the first as a female and the second as a man who would receive the sexual favors as blackmail payment. The sexual "payment" which took place at a campus location was also recorded. D. G. then continued his extortion efforts against his victim until the man called local police.

In Ohio, sexual battery charges generally cover unwanted sexual misconduct. These crimes are charged as felonies with penalties based on the victim's age and the circumstances surrounding the incident. If it is committed against someone younger than 13, the penalties include a prison term of two to eight years. If actual rape occurred, the prison sentence may extend to life. Sexual battery also includes sexual misconduct committed against a victim who is unable to give his or her consent due to incapacity. This can include circumstances where the victim has passed out from alcohol and / or drugs or when the victim is too young to be able to legally give consent.

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The above case is an example of a sex crime for which serious consequences may follow upon a conviction. Anyone accused of sexual misconduct will need the services of a trusted and experienced legal representative. These types of crimes are among the most reviled by the public and anyone accused of such a crime may be facing an uphill battle.

The Meranda Law Firm LTD is a criminal defense firm based in Columbus that provides competent and dedicated legal help to those facing all types of criminal charges. The firm has been recognized by Super Lawyers and has earned an Avvo Clients' Choice Award in Criminal Defense for 2012. These distinctions demonstrate the high quality of legal service you will find when bringing your case to the firm's criminal defense team. Contact the law offices to speak to an attorney about your criminal charges in a free consultation today.

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