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Prescription Drug Crimes Over the Internet

By Meranda Law Firm  Mar. 21, 2011 11:49a

Selling prescription drugs over the internet can get one into serious trouble and result in charges for illegal drug distribution. The selling of prescription drugs without a pharmaceutical license is a crime and has severe penalties. If convicted of a felony, one could face imprisonment, monetary fines, and more pus wind up with a permanent record which can cause many future problems.

Types of Internet Drug Crimes

There are numerous types of internet  drug crimes one can be charged with including:

  • Drug fraud
  • Illegal sales of prescription drugs
  • Buying and selling narcotics over the internet
  • Illegally distribution of drugs via the internet
  • Drug trafficking or conspiracy using the internet
  • Money Laundering

What To Do If Charged

If you have been charged with a drug crime in the Columbus or surrounding area whether it involves the internet or not, you need to seek advice from a  Columbus criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. At the Meranda Law Firm, we focus our practice on criminal defense cases including drug crime and know how to challenge police investigative procedures.

Evidence may have been collected illegally in your case or your rights may have been violated in some other manner which can be discovered in the investigation and used as aid to your defense. Regardless of the type of drug crime you may be charged with, we can help.  We provide affordable, high quality personalized legal care for our clients and will work closely with you to obtain the best possible outcome. We are available on nights and weekends and have bi-lingual attorneys on board. 

Contact a Columbus drug crime lawyer in our office to set up a free consultation and we will go through the details of your case.

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