Tyler & Wilson, LLP Articles The Underground World of Bandit Cabs

The Underground World of Bandit Cabs

By Tyler & Wilson  Oct. 31, 2010 10:55a

When you call a cab after a few rounds at the local pub, or to take you home after a long flight, you usually think you are getting a ride from a licensed, reputable company right? This, however, is not always true. The underground world of bandit taxi cabs is in full force. Just because all the taxi cabs blend in together and tend to look alike, doesn't mean they are all legal. Bandit cabs are not licensed or permitted and can be uninsured or underinsured and the driver may not have a valid driver's license. So the question really is: who are you entrusting your life to? Is this strange driver really safe?

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (DOT) operates nine licensed cab companies with approximately 2,300 taxis on the road. On the other hand, there are an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 unlicensed cabbies in operation at the same exact time. In effect, the loss of income to bandit cabs has had a tremendous financial impact to licensed cab drivers and cab companies who pay fees for the proper permits and regulation. These bandit cabs look similar in make, model and colors to legitimate cabs and some drivers have gone so far as to get "fake" permits. The problem is so great in Los Angeles; the city has established a task force in order to crack down on illegitimate cabbies.


In 2009, the DOT reports there were 1,144 arrests of illegal drivers and there were many more bandit cab drivers who stayed below the radar and didn't get caught. In 2007, there were 388 impounded cars, which number jumped to 1,061 in 2009. Drivers, who are caught operating without permits will be fined, have their vehicles impounded and face prison time. If you are being charged with driving or operating a cab illegally, then it would be in your best interests to seek legal counsel from a skilled, aggressive Los Angeles taxi cab defense attorney at Tyler & Wilson, LLP right away. We can challenge the prosecutor's evidence against you in order to give your case the best chances of a positive outcome.

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