Grostyan & Associates, PLC Articles Suspect Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder

Suspect Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder

By Grostyan & Associates, PLC  Aug. 26, 2013 9:44a

T.P. recently pled guilty to second-degree intentional attempted murder as part of his plea agreement in what has been a somewhat complex case. The charges stem from a 2009 incident where two people were stabbed. T.P., 22 years old, was accused of attacking a 35-year-old woman, T.S., and a man, O.R. Reports on the incident state that the two people were attacked at T.S.'s home in her garage. Both victims were hospitalized. O.R. continues to recover from severe injuries but T.S. died at the hospital. T.P. was arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony assault and attempted murder in regard to O.R. and was charged with two counts of second-degree murder after T.S. died of her injuries. T.P. pled not guilty to the original charges and was found not guilty by a jury on the murder charges but the jury was hung on the charges concerning O.R. The judge dismissed the charges at that point. Consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a felony offense.

The case was brought back to court in June this year when the Minnesota Supreme Court reversed the decision. The case concerning attempted murder and assault charges was brought back to trial court at which point T.P. decided to go with a plea agreement. Per the deal, he was given a stayed sentence of 153 months (12 years, 9 months) with credit for 240 days served and 20 years probation. T.P. could be put behind bars for over 12 years if he is convicted of a crime during the 20-year probation.

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