Grostyan & Associates, PLC Articles White Collar Crimes Rise in Minneapolis

White Collar Crimes Rise in Minneapolis

By Grostyan & Associates, PLC  Jun. 17, 2013 11:19a

Authorities in Dakota County have reported a rise in white collar crime prosecutions and convictions in the past few years. In 2011, one of the biggest financial crimes prosecuted in the county concerned the defrauding of an autistic man by a woman who was required to pay him $456,000 in restitution. The convicted woman was also sentenced to a year in jail and 20 years of probation with a 33-month prison sentence stayed. In another case in that same year, a bookkeeper at Navy Island Plywood in West St. Paul was convicted of embezzling from her employer. She, too, faced restitution hearings connected with the conviction.

In a white collar crime case involving a Burnsville title and real estate firm, a woman who worked as an independent closer was convicted of embezzlement from the firm. She was sentenced to 39 months in prison and ordered to pay more than $500,000 in restitution.

In 2010, ten people in the county were charged with white collar crimes ranging from theft to theft by swindle, theft involving false representation, and tax crimes. The most common white collar crimes are variations of fraud but others include bribery, money laundering, counterfeiting, extortion, insider trading, tax evasion, forgery, blackmail, identity theft, and copy infringement. These crimes are often charged as felonies with prison terms, fines, and orders of restitution.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Firm

White collar crimes have become the focus of more news media reports in the past two decades, often because of huge investment scams involving hundreds of people. These crimes are prosecuted very vigorously and often investigated for months by law enforcement agencies. Those facing white collar crime charges or who are being investigated for such crimes should immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At Grostyan & Associates, PLC you can turn to a competent and aggressive criminal defense attorney who has a successful track record of case results. Lead attorney Tony Grostyan and his legal team are dedicated to providing you with effective legal strategies. Mr. Grostyan has a decade of experience in handling all types of criminal cases in Minneapolis courts. He gives each case his full focus and attention and reviews every aspect of the evidence involved. To learn more about how he can help you in any criminal matter, contact the firm any day of the week for a consultation.

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